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advice on car rental (or van / Motorhome rental)...

Before you leave home - Ensure that you are carrying both your picture and paper driving licence (the paper licence shows any endorsements you may have) and your passport (if visiting another country) and travel tickets and car hire paperwork.

When you collect the car:

  • Check the vehicle for damage
  • Check the spare tyre


  • Most car rental locations require a credit card
  • Most car rental locations will not accept debit or Switch, Maestro cards or similar they must be a credit card. It is worth checking in advance if they accept American Express or Diners Club
  • You must have held a valid driving licence for one year
  • UK licence holders should note that many car hire outlets will not release the rental vehicle on sight of a photocard driving licence without also seeing the paper licence counterpart.They may also ask to see the paper licence counterpart of all named drivers.
  • Some car rental companies insist that you have held a full driving licence for one year and also must be over 25. Check in advance as it could mean when you reach the car hire desk, they will not let you rent a car.
  • Some companies (or legislation in a particular country) will not let a driver hire a car over a certain age - More information Here for "older drivers"
  • Always ask what is included in the rates quoted
  • Never initial or sign an agreement without asking about each item
  • Do not over insure. If you have travel insurance you do not need personal effects or personal accident insurance
  • Pre-purchase or Pre-reserve your car rental
  • Remember to book child seats or a roof rack in advance, particularrly in peak holiday times.
  • Plan the journey in advance - Some car rental companies provide maps, some will rent you a sat-nav system
  • Purchase from agents within your own country in case you need refunds or assistance
  • When you pick-up your vehicle determine where the drop off point is for your return
  • Ask if the return area has an attendant. If not, who do you return the car to?
  • If you leave the vehicle without check-in, examine it for damage and photograph it from every angle.
  • - The Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) - Check your vehicle carefully for signs of damage before driving away. This can be difficult some times if you are in a hurry, it is dark, it is raining, or very very hot and you are in a hurry and have been waiting for the car to be prepared and if it has just been washed and is not dry- however it is very important.
  • If they have identified certain areas of damage on the plan of the car and not all of them, return to the hire desk and get the additional damage signed off.
  • Take photos of any damaged areas when you collect the car/van/campervan. Sometimes these are very small. This of course is difficult to do in bad weather conditions or at night. Examples of damage to look out for below:-
  • Left: Small scratches on door handle and dent on edge of door
  • Right: Scratches and blemishes on paintwork Left: Bad scatch on door
  • Right: Black scratches above tyre
  • Check the rental agreement: The rental agreement will normally include a section for the hire company to record the damage that has been identified. Let the car hire company know if damage has not been recorded before you drive away, even if you are anxious to get going. If you have identified damage let them know.
  • Drink drive laws vary from country to country - for example in Italy if you have a glass of wine and a grappa with dinner and you are stopped by the police - you will be fined. See also Drink Drive Laws - Examples of what can be drunk at present
  • Know your speed limits - these vary from country to country.
  • Speed / Radar cameras certainly apply to rental cars as well! The rental company will be notified and the renter contacted by the authorities. Speed traffic camera information is now being sent from one country to another. e.g. someone caught speeding with a French registered car in Italy will find that the fine will be reported to the French authorities if it is not paid.
  • Fuel in the car You should check that there is a full tank of fuel (Petrol / Diesel) and normally you should return it full. Car hire companies will often charge an administration charge to fill it up plus the price of the fuel that might be higher than at the pump. Some companies have even put stickers on the speedo stating to return it empty. Take extra care here.
  • Make you fill the car with the correct fuel, most car hire companies issue a warning either with the car keys like the one above or on the outside or inside of the fuel tank cap.
  • Familiarise yourself with the vehicle - Make sure you know where the controls for essential instruments such as headlights, hazzard warning lights and the horn are located. Adjust your seat and wing mirrors accordingly.
  • Check with the Hire company if you can take the car out of the country you are renting in.e.g. Going from France into Italy or if renting in Ireland can you take the car into Northern Ireland or into the Republic of Ireland. You will probably have to pay for crossing the border in Ireland.
  • When dropping of the car make sure you remove or personal belongings and have it checked in and signed off.
  • The majority of vehicle hire companies class snow chains and winter tyres as optional extras on winter holiday hire packages.
  • Car Keys: It can be costly if you lose those car hire car keys - GBP £250 or more See our info page Here

The above information has been supplied by a third party and jml Property Services ( / / jml Property / jml takes no responsibilty for it's accuracy - September 2009

Fair wear and Tear

The following information is provided by a major UK Car hire company. It should not be relied on for accuracy as other companies would have different definitions. When you go to collect the car you might want to find out the individual company's definition.

This Uk Company say that they do not regard the items listed below as damage, but "fair wear and tear" therefore it is not required to be recorded

Paintwork, Boddy, Bumper and Rubbing Strips.

  • Marks and surface scratches of less than 25mm that do not penetrate the top coating and can be readily polished out (such scratches cannot be felt with a finger nail and will not be visible if water is rubbed across)

  • Stone chips of up to 2mm without a dent

Windows Glass and Lamp lenses

  • Marks that can be readily removed
  • Stone chips not exceeding 2mm in diamater

Alloy wheels, Trims and Tryres

  • Marks and surface scratches that do not penetrate the top surface and can be readily polished out. (Such scatches cannot be felt with a finger nail and will not be visible if water is rubbed accross)

  • Even tyre wear appropriate to the mileage of the vehicle

Interior and luggage area

Information for older drivers

Car hire excess insurance policies available for 75 - 85 year olds

Age no barrier to protection for older drivers Low cost excess waiver policy helps over 75s stay on the Road - March 2008

How old is too old to rent a car? MSNBC - October 2011

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Guides of Driving in Europe

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